Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bazar बजार

Sometimes, Life and society comes being reflected in the Bazar. During last motnh or so, I captured some Nepali Bazars in Kathmandu, Fikkal and Damak.

Some of the pics of Bazar came to be like this :
Play some flute @Indrachowk

The whole  fashion is here @KhulaManch

Catch the New fashion @KhulaManch

Is anyone coming ? @KhulaManch

Coldest Winter @KhulaManch

Disappearing cotton. doesn't fill your belly !  @KhulaManch

Please do not pull the trigger @KhulaMunch

Married women wear these. and unmarried guys buy these :P @Sani Pathibhara, Ilam

Wanna stay busy the whole day ? Buy some churpis, the hardened milk, in Fikkal bazzar.

They bet- 'eating greens of Fikkal bazzar will definately repair the blurred eyes'

Hurry hurry hurry....spoils the curry ! @Damak 

Grrrrrrr......hehe don't get scared.....come and buy me. i look real but i'm not @Bhaktapur